True plant-based skincare is here, finally.

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Healthy skin is beautiful skin. Formulated with nature’s most potent plant actives to include all the essential nutrients needed to support skin health, the CULTIVATECO. range has everything you need for healthy, strong, glowing skin.

About us

We are a team of professionals with an absolute passion for people and planet, dedicated to researching & developing 100% plant-based skincare and wellness products. CULTIVATECO. is 100% natural, and we are on a mission to achieve 100% plant-based ingredients.


What we put in our products is at the heart of what we do. Our ingredients must be the best, both for you and the planet. We go to every corner of the world to find the most effective, sustainably produced plant ingredients.

What we believe in

We feel very strongly about how our products are made and that they are safe, effective and as gentle on the planet as they are on you. All of our choices are aligned to our values and goals of contributing to a better, more cared for world, supporting and advocating for communities across the globe, and elevating the wellness of people everywhere.


We are committed to providing products and services, and operating our business in a way that promotes and facilitates health and wellness for people everywhere.


All of our choices, from ingredients, packaging, to business services and partners are carefully considered with the health and sustainability of our planet in mind.


With your help CULTIVATECO. will continue to contribute to supporting the development of sustainable economies and environments for the benefit of everyone.

CULTIVATECO. aspires to impact all elements of The UN 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development.

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