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So 2021 didn’t quite play out as planned. Like almost everyone I personally, and all of the team at CULTIVATECO., have had a lot of ups and downs in 2021, and I wanted to acknowledge the messy year that was. One thing I will not be sorry to see go, though I fear it is here to stay, is the tiresome new ‘pandemic jargon’ (‘pivot’ anyone? 🙄); so instead of regurgitating the same overused soundbites, I want to share a short, very personal, story instead. 

My Grandfather served on the front lines in WWII and by his accounts it was as uncomprehendingly horrific as we can now only imagine.  And yet he was one of the most cheerful and optimistic people I have ever known; cheeky, irreverent, quick to laugh, and generous to a fault. As a child I couldn’t understand how both of those fit together. But he had a saying, often paraphrased in a variety of very colourful ways, that “if you are going through hell, keep going.” Wise words from Winston Churchill I have grown to appreciate more than ever this last year. Don’t give up, keep at it, change direction, go faster, go slower…just don’t give up. 

In 2021 we could not deliver all of our planned product releases, but we did devote extra energy to our 100% plant-based cosmeceutical development program (and are really excited about what’s in the pipeline for you – watch out for new release dates!). We missed meeting our customers and clients in person, but we delighted in seeing our friends launch new ventures.   

We have gritted our teeth, persevered, fell down, got back up again, and found ways to make the most of another year of challenges and near-constant change. We didn’t do everything we wanted in 2021, but we made it through, just as determined, just as committed to our values, and even more appreciative of opportunities to improve lives through health, well-being, and supporting each other. I hope you too can say “I made it through”; and if you are not there yet, keep going. 

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